Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween & new in!

Halloween & new in!

So, as I said, I'll do a different costume on friday to celebrate Halloween, but I was soo late! so I couldn't even finish my make up! anyways I finished it while I was on my way to the party, and managed to get a few pictures (and by a few pictures I mean not-really-good ones taken by my 9 years old brother) On the first one I just LOVED how he said: mm i think it is a little blurry...

As for my new in lucky items, I was at Falabella with my mom doing some serious Christmas shopping (tree and lights included) and right next to the snow balls there were some reaaally cute masks (?)and I just couldn't help myself... also I bought it red as for the christmas spirit, would it be too weird if I use it for christmas eve? Also my mom had a gift card and luckily I found this coat with more than 50% off! Am I lucky or what? I cant wait to use it! and last,but not least this beautiful bird ring my mom got me some days ago, I just won't stop using it.

The day ended with this incredibly beautiful sunset, letting me know it was time for my halloween-cat to go outside, I hope you like it

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