Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Nail Art

Merry Christmas!

This is a really quick post to show you my Christmas nails, but most important to wish you a really happy christmas eve. My best wishes! ♥Lú

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Café de Colombia III (New in)

Café de Colombia III (New in)

 Hello again, I'm not sure, but this one may be the last one of my vacations post. On the zillion of beautiful landscapes, these ones I saw from a 27 mts gazebo, and you had a 360° view! it was splendid, and the picture below is from the Palma de Cera, the national tree, in a first look, you'll be able to see 4, but if you look carefully, you'll see the mountains are filled with tiny white sticks.. yeah, thats right, tons of those trees, which are, by the way the home of the yellow ear parrot.

 After that, we headed to Salento, very beautiful town where all the houses looked this way, just in... very different colors and the main street is filled with every kind of artisanal accessories, oh! to die for!, any ways I had to contain myself, and just bought a few things. By this time of the trip, all of my shoes were either wet or unusable (you know.. high heels and long mountain walks...) so I ended up using my mother's sneakers and this is how I dressed up that day.

Here's a picture of a minimal part of what Salento's got to offer and below a belt/necklace/whatever you want thing with a feather, three rings, one a girly butterfly, next to it a blue one which reminded me of a galaxy (It was love at first sight) and a cubist one, it was soo awesome. And in the last photo a blue hair piece and a key chain that is made of coffee and actually smells like coffee.. so-yummy.

This is it for now, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Café de Colombia II - Parque de los Arrieros

Café de Colombia II

Day 1: Parque de los arrieros.
Actually, there isn't going to be many more days, I'm afraid that even when the views were amazing, carrying the camera was quite a little annoyance, anyways, this was taken at a very funny place, the location was OK (compared with all the beauty-ness around) but the actors that walked among us the entire day, oh they were awesome! Here are a few pictures of a Guadua forest (From the family of the Bamboo, giant trees!) and an awesome men doing... that lace thing over a horse.. he was so good at that!

Here, a few more pics of the landscape, first one is from bananas trees, and the second, is filled with coffee bushes (that's right, that is where the delicious coffee come from)
Here, this is what I was wearing that day, the dumb of the town (one of the best roles performed by the actors) kept making fun at me because of my shorts, I laughed every single time, and I even took a picture with her! (covering my legs, as you will see)


Monday, December 17, 2012

Café de Colombia I

Café de Colombia

Hello again! Excuse me for the absence, but I was visiting Quindío, the place where the best Colombian coffee is made.
It was one of my best vacations ever, and even if I didn't got much time to lay on a beach and rest a lot, I I saw the most beautiful, natural places I ever seen!. Quindío is placed between mountains(And has a lot itself) so all the air you breathe is extremely clean, and most of it, with an adorable coffee smell! (In the picture above you can see the coffee, its green at the beggining, and red when its ready to pick up.)

These are some quick photos I took from the car, and I'll be posting pictures from my everyday little journeys, and I hope I don't bore you with all the beautiful mountains and rivers I'm going to show you in the next days

Last, but not least, the nails I wore during my vacations there! I know its a bit abstract, but, they are inspired in cappuccino (as caramel cappuccino is my favorite way to drink coffee)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Minnie nails

Minnie inspired nails

Hi there! I was just sharing with you the nails of the week inspired on minnie mouse! I think the reference is pretty clear even when you can't see a mouse around :P Have an awesome week!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Vacations huge post

Welcome vacations huge post

Hiiii there! I want to apologize for being away, but I just reached that extra-busy-non-sleeping time at the very end of the semester, but the nightmare is over, I already have a few notes, and they look really good! and also, I'm glad to say...welcome vacations!!! ♥

As I said, no matter how busy I am, I'll always do something on my nails, but as you may imagine, I had to keep it simple, but, you know? simple does not mean ugly, and I came up with this extra-easy paper planes, and, still great news coming! as a new in, mom bought me these shorts that look really similar, but one is bigger and paler than the other, and I found my old romwe owl necklace, after months of being lost.

Also, I wanted to show you some of the many thing I've been doing, these fashion monsters were made as final project, and even if I haven't finished them yet, I'm really proud of them, and off course I'll show you the final result as soon as they are done. what do you think of them so far?

Huge post huh? as I went away a lot, I wanted to came back with the whole thing, to apologize and stuff, so here is a little look in a sunny day just... showing how I feel about vacations

And last, but not least, I'm finally getting ready for Christmas!
I hope you liked anything in this giant post, I'll love to read your thoughts about it and, over all... happy holidays!