Monday, December 17, 2012

Café de Colombia I

Café de Colombia

Hello again! Excuse me for the absence, but I was visiting Quindío, the place where the best Colombian coffee is made.
It was one of my best vacations ever, and even if I didn't got much time to lay on a beach and rest a lot, I I saw the most beautiful, natural places I ever seen!. Quindío is placed between mountains(And has a lot itself) so all the air you breathe is extremely clean, and most of it, with an adorable coffee smell! (In the picture above you can see the coffee, its green at the beggining, and red when its ready to pick up.)

These are some quick photos I took from the car, and I'll be posting pictures from my everyday little journeys, and I hope I don't bore you with all the beautiful mountains and rivers I'm going to show you in the next days

Last, but not least, the nails I wore during my vacations there! I know its a bit abstract, but, they are inspired in cappuccino (as caramel cappuccino is my favorite way to drink coffee)


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  2. such fun photos, love the third one
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    1. Oh,that were much of the view, everywhere you look!, I'm glad you like it

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