Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Backless nude shift dress + Funkyfish New in

Backless nude shift dress + New in ♥

Hi there! excuse the giant post, but I'm super excited! This is the 3rd part of me styling Romwe's Backless nude shift dress, featuring this lovely (also from romwe) butterfly pocket watch, and last week's galaxy nails. damn I loved those nails, I'll try it again in new colors soon.
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 Then,on more recent stories, I was just looking around Tennis and this little cute jaguar put his eyes on me.. oh how can one say no?

And, finally and the biggest reason for me to be super-happy is Funkyfish, a really funky new shop I ADORED from the first visit, every little thing in this store has so much personality! they also have things separated by personality  there's funkyDiva, funkyPunky, funkyChic and funkyBoho (which has the most cute Boho styled things, but couldn't buy the one I wanted because it was sold out).

I loved so much the store, that I promised I'll came back every month and buy at least a very small thing, yesterday, after the cutie I got from tennis, was the day, and I had the biggest surprise when the told me everything on the store was 50% off! so I lost a bit my mind and bought these funky earrings and tights, and this classy little hair-bows.

And finally I've been wanting some decent headphones and fell in love with the ones at funkyfish, and while I was paying for them, I couldn't resist the snake necklace! I know, a "little thing" of the month became a shopping spree, but... don't you think all the items were amazing? plus 50% off, how is one supposed to resist that

I hope you liked today's post as much as I did, also, which one of the items I bought is your favorite? I'm waiting to read your comments!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Backless nude shift dress 2 and City Nails

Backless nude shift dress 2 || City Nails

 Hello again! as I promised, second try to style the lovely romwe dress came with a new nail art, this time the city! I really hope you like it, took me forever to put windows in those buildings!.

This picture was one of those mistakes you made when you think that self timer is actually off... I love self-timer mistakes, always got nice stuff from them

Now, this is my second (from 3) way to style Romwe's backless nude shift dress, this one hav A LOT of things: ankle booties, tights, knee socks which I kinda DIYed with safety pins, a huge belt, a leather jacket from Ashley and a couple of rings.
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 Which one you like better? last one or this one? I'm waiting to read your comments!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Backless nude shift dress 1

Backless nude shift dress 1

Hello there! as I promised this is the first look from that 1 piece many ways "mini-challenge". in this one you can see the dress in all its splendor. I fucked it with my bra, but try to ignore it and look how awesome the back of the dress is. I feel so girly wearing it!

I'm waiting to read your comments, and next look will come with nails of the week
♥ Lú

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Galaxy Nails, the 3 ways of styling thing

Galaxy Nails! / Lets style!

Hello again! today I'm super excited to show this week's galaxy nails, I just LOVED them!.
I'm also happy because I finally started to shoot looks, well, sort of. Romwe's facebook page had this little event where you had to choose one piece and style it in three ways, sadly everyone's submitting collages, I mean what!!? why? I love styling, so I'm going with a picture! I shoot them In my bedroom, and I promise you two things: 1st, to show you more or each look and 2nd: to get more locations in the future.
The picture above is a shot of the butterfly pocket watch, but I posted it because I reaaally liked my nails.

This is the styling I was talking about, what do you think? and, you mind helping me with a 'Like' on this Link?
Thank you, and I'm waiting to read your comments!


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lovely! (New in/Nail Art)


Hi there! I'm super excited about this lovely post that I'm about to start bouncing in front of my computer!
First of all, I wanted to show you these gorgeous new ins! a 2013 Agenda thats absolutely lovely and ended up being cheaper than the ugly one I was looking for, oh you should see the lovely little details in every page!
Second this turtle inspired artisanal ring and artisanal feathers, I love shop those stuff, you just look and look unique things till you find the one that's yours!... its quite special you know?
Oh, and the flowers you see on the background are one of the small pieces of fabric my mom got me, this one is probably going to be a scarf. 

Second of all, and I owe this to you, are my nails of the week, quite romantic, huh? even if its a little treat cause in the ring's picture, you'll see that actually my nails weren't done, but its just that it was about time to remove that old nail art, and I hadn't had the time to upload the picture *Sorry!*

 And last, this afternoon arrived my invitation to the International footwear and leather show, which means for me: shoes-land, some fashion shows (accessories mostly) and conferences.. Yey! It always arrive at this time of the year, but somehow it always surprises me! :)

And, I'll be honest, none of all the amazing things from the pics above is the responsible of me bouncing all over the place (well, maybe the IFLS invitation a little bit). The real reason is I was watching Ep 13 of Pretty Little Liars, made a break to write this, and right when I finish this, I'll watch this week so waited episode. I'm like DAAMN!! (If you watch pretty Little Liars you'll sure gonna get my point)

Thats all for now! what is your favorite item from the ones I posted this week? do you like pretty little liars?

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy new Year! (New in)

Welcome 2013!

Hi there! I wish you all a happy new year!, I'm sorry I've been away, but here I am, this time to show you how Santa treated me this year. I'm madly in love with all the accessories I got, but mostly with this beyond beautiful necklace (picture above and below) I can't wait to wear it, but still don't know which one will be the  perfect occasion to wear this asymmetric beauty.

 And after all the fancy girly stuff, the punching bag! oh lord, no one can imagine how much i wanted and needed one of these! All I need now is to get better (my back is quite immobile now) and pow!

Now, About the 2013 resolutions, I have a lot of them, but the ones you reader wherever you are need to know is:
More drawing. in fact, if I get my hands on a decent sketch book (maybe I'll do it myself) before Jan 10th, I'll do that 365 drawings challenge.
More looks. I try to dress all right every single day, but I'm too lazy and shy to photograph/draw it. so this year.. lets do it!

What are your 2013 resolutions? what do you think of the drawing thing? should I put it here? or maybe get a tumblr, flickr, whatever?
Thats it for now, I'll come again soon to show you my nails of the week