Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Look: Bears heaven

Bear's Heaven

Hello again! as I promised, I'm back with a look, and as many other people, I fell in love with min color, so I've been wanting to show you this dress for a long time! But then some random day I saw this mint belt on the street and I loved it! the best part? It was like two dollars.

The veil on my layered skirt, the bear and maybe my mood made me think about a cotton heaven or something so I proceed with the doodling I promised and I have to say I'm feeling really happy with the result!
There aren't many brands to name, because everything is cheap and bought on the streets (literally, no store or anything) except the necklace and ring: both gifts, and the dress from romwe

 What do you think about the outfit? I personally love cheap findings and almost never spend too much money on clothes, also what do you think about the hat? I love it but some people say its too weird and what's your opinion on the doodling? I'm waiting to read your comments!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patterns! Nail art+Bedroom

Pattern love

Hello again! I know It's been a LONG time, and I'm sorry! but I've had way too many stuff to do :(
Anyways, you guys remember this look? well, I was wearing almost the same the day I painted my nails. I just love the black and white geometric sweater too much, and hotpink...well, its hotpink, do I have to say more?
Also as I said in my 2013 resolutions I'm finally starting with the draw-what-I-wear project, this was my first one, excuse the lame photoshop edition, I came up with it while I was making this post, so I just wanted to have it done in seconds

On the second part of the post, I know it may be cheesy, but I wanted to say good bye to my room (that's one of the things sucking all my time) and share it with you :)
I worked a very long time on the blue atmosphere (walls mostly) but everything I could possibly paint blue, was blue, even the things you can't see as the calendar, the sheets and the curtains, I hope you enjoy this personal and very important part of my life :)

Now, I excuse for the quality of the pictures, but again, I've had so little time!
Expect more photos and a look post really soon
do you liked my nails? what do you think of my ex-bedroom? I'm waiting to read your coments
♥ Lú

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day dream nation | Stars Nails, New in

Daydream Nation

 Hello there! I know It's been a while, but uni is consuming every minute I have. Anyways, I wanted to show you this beyond beautiful skirt my aunt brought me, I Loved it!
Also I was looking at my old facebook photos and I saw a nail art with stars at the end of my nails, done just in shades of pink and I thought Ah its so cute! how come I don't have a photo of this one? so I decided to do it again, but in all the colors, Jesus I didn't remembered how hard it was, still I think it was worth all the time I used on it

Last but not least, this photos are a little old, but I didn't wanted to tire you posting like a thousand looks with my backless nude shift dress from romwe, so I shoot them, give them a rest and here they are, I was really happy with the result of this ones, also I had to take advantage of the roses, they were lots of them all over my house :)

 Dress-Romwe , Coat-Basement, Ring-Tennis, Necklace-FunkyFish, Tights-Samsara

 Dress-Romwe , Coat-Basement, Ring-Tennis, Necklace-FunkyFish, Tights-Samsara
What do you think of the photos and the nails? do you like my new skirt? I'm waiting to read your comments!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Deepest Blue | Nails & Look

Deepest Blue

Hi again! As I received really nice comments when I doodled one of my pictures and, to be honest I LOVED doing it, I think I'll may doodle at least 1 picture on every post, this time it was a Jedi-inspired-alien-thing on my nails of this week.

On other news, I found this amazing leggings while walking on a random street, they were on sale, and they were the only pair left! I decided i HAD to have them, and when I asked, they were also super cheap!
The clock is an interchangeable clock I got when I was like 14 that I still adore, Dress from Elle, Shoes from fioni, gorgeous necklace gift from mom

What do you think of the doodle everything idea? I'm starting my drawing facebook page, so don't forget to check it out and I'm waiting to read your comments!
♥ Lú