Thursday, March 21, 2013

Patterns! Nail art+Bedroom

Pattern love

Hello again! I know It's been a LONG time, and I'm sorry! but I've had way too many stuff to do :(
Anyways, you guys remember this look? well, I was wearing almost the same the day I painted my nails. I just love the black and white geometric sweater too much, and hotpink...well, its hotpink, do I have to say more?
Also as I said in my 2013 resolutions I'm finally starting with the draw-what-I-wear project, this was my first one, excuse the lame photoshop edition, I came up with it while I was making this post, so I just wanted to have it done in seconds

On the second part of the post, I know it may be cheesy, but I wanted to say good bye to my room (that's one of the things sucking all my time) and share it with you :)
I worked a very long time on the blue atmosphere (walls mostly) but everything I could possibly paint blue, was blue, even the things you can't see as the calendar, the sheets and the curtains, I hope you enjoy this personal and very important part of my life :)

Now, I excuse for the quality of the pictures, but again, I've had so little time!
Expect more photos and a look post really soon
do you liked my nails? what do you think of my ex-bedroom? I'm waiting to read your coments
♥ Lú


  1. Wow... such cool wall!


  2. So lucky to have your own blue room with many DIY things. My parents never let me add my DIY crafts to my boring white walled room. I once ruined my room with my water colours when I was 10 so now I am banned do anything with my room -_-
    PS : Love your nails & doll :) I still sleep with my teddy!

  3. Want to do my manicure?:) You are really talented! There is something wrong with your GFC at the moment, I can't follow you. I'll come around later.

  4. Love your jewels organizer (we need it!!!) and your nails!!!
    Chic With The Least
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  5. Pleaseee upload the DIY!!! i'm in desperate need to organize my stuff lol everything here is a mess O.O
    Love the nails!!!

    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  6. Muy bonito el color de las uñas!!

  7. love your nails

  8. Oh my goodness- your bedroom is amazing! How did you paint it like that!? And your nails are amazing too- so colourful and fun!

    Sarah XxX

  9. Love the nail art!

  10. I love your blog! Follow me please <3


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