Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Look: Hotpink Fights

Hotpink Fights

Hello again! I know it's been a LONG LONG time, my apologies, I won't let the blog that many time alone again, I promise!
Still my post can't be too long, but I wanted to recommend you the most beautiful show I've seen ever! 
Saint Peters-burg's ballet were in Bogotá two saturdays ago! they are the only ones in the world presenting a full version on Swan's lake...and they do it perfectly while skating on ice!
Its just wonderful, so I if you have the chance, don't miss it for anything in the world!
(I'll check if I can upload a video later)

Also, I came with a look (it was necessary after all this time, right?) featuring the gorgeous skirt my aunt gave me, I've worn it with MANY colors! this time I paired with military green, but used hot pink in the background because it looks really awesome when paired with hot pink


 Also In the first photo you can see my nails: stripes and dots over a pale rose polish that wasn't as good as it looked before I bought it, and as I wasn't really pleased by the result, I didn't take any closer picture of it.

Anyways, have you seen ballet before? you like it? do you like my look this time? if so, you can check it out on lookbook and, is there anything you would like me to doodle in my next look?
I'm waiting to read your comments