Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bunny nails - New In

Bunny week

Hi there! Today's post is dedicated to cuteness (98% bunnies). I've realized how last months my style has been turning more and more into pastels, fairy-like clothings and accessories, not that I didn't like them before, but back then I used to change a lot: leather, ragged, pastel, etc. And now that has changed A LOT.
If I had known this before, I would have probably used a different Sonic Youth's song to name my blog haha.
Anyways, I don't know where my style is going to take me, but as for this moment, I'm enjoying all the pink in my life.

Now, the nails of the week are the funniest I've done in a long time. the idea was to paint bunnies, but when I had all the silhouettes done, I so wanted to make a different one, and at the end, each one of them had their own little detail, I loved them!. Also my mom got me some super soft, super warm socks to walk around in the house with these little bunnies on them, so lovely! 

funky fish strikes again! I adore that store, and haven't been there in a while, but as soon as I entered, I knew I'll have to take anything with me, it was really hard to decide what, but what I loved the most are this bobby pins <3

And finally, to complete this week full of cuteness, Look at the adorable post it I bought! I think its way too cute for even use it, so I guess I'll leave it there for special occasions. 

Do you liked the nails of this week? what was your favorite item from all the things I got? Have you ever been surprised by your own changes?
I'm waiting to read your comments