Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm moving!

Hello lovelies! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my blog and sticking with me, even if you are a few, you're the best!
I figured out that the lack of a good design was too upsetting for me, so I decided to just start over somewhere else!
If you have the patience for yet another change, to see some of the old stuff (mixed with a lot of new stuff too of course) and the curiosity to see what has been going on in that unconstant head of mine, I invite you to check my new blog.
You can follow me on bloglovin, instagram and pinterest once you're there

Once again, thank you for everything.

With tons of love

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meanwhile, on instagram...

Yesterday was my birthday, and my university is the only one that is still studying so I didn't really have time to celebrate properly, one would say "it sucks" but I'm actually pretty happy with the way things are going lately, I mean, yes I don't have a lot of time, but I'm healthy, the day was sunny and gorgeous and I have awesome people in my life, even if they're miles away.

These are the lovelies I bought for myself in forever 21 for my 21st birthday

As soon as I'm free I'll make up for the lack of posts and outfits, I'm even preparing a DIY!
in the mean time I'm waiting to read your comments

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I know I usually write too much (and I don't even know how many of you actually read all of that) but today its about simplicity. I'd apologize for being really busy and not posting too often, but thats just how I am.
I really enjoy being this workaholic clumsy girl, (stress and lack of sleep included) and I really hope you enjoy these little pieces of what I like, what I do, what I am.

Sonic Youth's Starpower
I'll update this post soon to show you what's been happening in my instagram lately, or maybe I'll put it in a different blogpost, but for now I wish you all be happy about everysingle part of your life
what do you think about my new lovely shoes? which pic you liked the most? whats your favorite feature of yourself?
I'm waiting to read your comments

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brite lites

I hope you'll excuse me for posting old photographs for the second time, but I just had to show you my new year's eve outfit and nails! (yes, this one is just 4 months old, keeps getting better, huh?). The crown might be a little drawing, but I did feel like a princess wearing those shiny tights, at first I fell in love with golden ones, but when I was going to buy them they were all sold out! luckily I got to put my hands in last silver pair and 4 months later I'm still loving them!
The nails of that week HAD TO match my silver and black theme, so I went for some elegant snowflakes, its not like we actually have winter or snow here, but oh, who cares!?
But not everything are old news, I'll also start including random photographs of my newest babies, places and even the illustrations I'm working on, I really hope you'll enjoy them.~
Last but not least, to finish the catching up and to excuse myself for the really-old-looks, I joined instagram! right now it only has 2 shy little pics, but its not like I have a lot of followers anyways, so, would you like to be my friend over there? 
And I also included a sneakpeak of how my hair looks now and the new favorite in my closet!
 New year's look: tights and dress - Forever 21 / Ring bought on the street / necklace and shoes - mom's gift
What do you think about my new year's outfit and the new photos on the blog? which nail art you liked the most? snowflakes or butterfly wings? will you join me in my new instagram acc? (hahaha)
I'm waiting to read your comments!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

On coming back

It's been almost a year since I last posted, and for that I apologize, but let's forget the past and focus on the good new things! as you see, my blog is going through a total makeover and its oh-so-exciting!
Not only the blog's name and looks, I've been thinking about tons of stuff I'd love to show you, like the results of my deep love for watercolors and my new interest for lettering as well as the cute little gifts and places I get to see everyday

Now, on my latest post on june/2013 I promised I'd shoot a look soon with my latest clothes and even if I  took the pics, I never got to post them! so I guess I'll start just there, but stay in touch, cause it's been almost a year full of lovely things to show you!
I paired the clothes from forever 21 with an indian headband and for the fun of it I added some indian drawings on it
What do you think of the look and the blog's makeover?
I'm waiting to read your comments